When to Repair Your Washer

The washing machine is a delicate device that needs regular checkups and maintenance in order to last long. You never know when your washing machine is going to break down and therefore you should know whom to contact in times of emergency. The washer may break down due to a number of reasons that you are not aware of and in that case, it is important to contact an expert to repair the damage. 

Washer repair requires a well-trained professional who has many years of experience in handing different appliances, as this will guarantee satisfaction. It is advisable to have a contact list of reliable technician whom you can rely on to offer best repair services. In most cases, a washing machine will not work because of the following:

  • If the agitator cogs, transmission, coupler or drive belt is faulty the washer will not agitate
  • Your washer will need repair if its leaking due to broken door seal, water inlet valve, and worn pump
  • A faulty door lock, direct drive motor coupling, or wax motor will cause the machine to pump but not spin as required
  • Sometimes the motor pulleys or drive belts might be worn out and therefore produce a burning smell that indicate your washer is damaged and needs repair immediately
  • The washing machine is not supposed to fill and drain at the same time. If this happens, it could be due to faults in pressure switches or water level
  • If the lid hinge is broken the door will not open, you can replace the hinge yourself or hire a professional
  • The washer may sometimes not fill with water due to faulty inlet valve, inlet hose, or lid switch that needs repair
  • Washer can break down due to wear and tear causing the tub bearings to wear out or pump motor to squeal. This can make the washer to produce a lot of noise that is unsettling

If you experience any of these problems, then it’s definitely time to contact a technician to repair your washer to avoid massive damage to the entire appliance.