Simple DIY Refrigerator Repair Tips

Refrigerators generally work with little trouble for long but once in a while they can break down and leading to food going bad within a very short time; Now before you call in a technician to come sort out the problem why not know some few do it yourself refrigerator repair tips that will save you repair cost money.

5 Common Refrigerator Problems and Their Quick Fixes.
Warning: Before doing any repair work; ensure that the refrigerator is unplugged from the power source to prevent shocks. Ensure you have basic tools like a nut driver, screw drivers and a level which might come in handy.

i) Refrigerator doesn't work at all
This is mostly due to a problem with the power outlet, check and see if the outlet works with another device, if it does then the fuse on the refrigerator's plug is burnt and needs to be changed.

ii) Strange noises.
Most refrigerators make some little noise when operating but if the sound is strange like constant rattling that is the pan that is loose, check the supports holding the pans and if damaged secure with duct tape. Also make sure that its not touching the walls. Read more on strange noises here.

iii) Freezer not cold enough.
This can be remedied by:
* reducing the number or times freezer door is opened.
* not putting in hot food in the freezer
* pouring door seal on the freezer so it doesn't let in air

iv) Puddle of water under the refrigerator
This is mostly when the icemaker line has a leak, look beneath the fridge and see where the leak is, this can easily be fixed by duct tape. It might also be leaking because it's badly tilted, so level the fridge. Click for more info.

v) Refrigerator has a bad odor.
This is mostly caused by mould, remove its shelves and drawers and wash with soapy water then later scrub with a solution of warm water and baking soda. Charcoal briquettes placed inside the shelves can also absorb bad odor.

If these simple refrigerator repair tips don't work then there might be deeper problems than discussed, call in a qualified technician to look into the issue.